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Stay tuned for Opening Day details for Alpine! Cross Country is closed due to weather

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With the beautiful Copeland Forest in our own backyard, Horseshoe Resort offers a beautiful setting for both alpine and cross country skiing.


Cross Country -  CLOSED due to weather today

Cross Country Trail Map

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Alpine Trail Map

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Trails Difficulty Level Open/Closed Freestyle Night Skiing
Pinto Easy YES Yes
Roundup Difficult YES Yes
Rodeo Difficult YES Yes Yes
Horsefly Hop More Difficult YES Yes Yes
Bridal Path Easy YES Yes
Steeplechase More Difficult YES Yes
Flying Mare More Difficult YES Yes
Race Hill More Difficult YES Yes
Pony Tail Easy YES Yes
Easy Rider Easy YES No
Tucherfor Easy YES Yes
Saddleback More Difficult YES Yes
Donkey Serenade Easy YES Yes
Stallion Slide More Difficult YES Yes
Duster Difficult YES Yes
Nightmare Ride Difficult YES Yes
Stampede Difficult YES Yes
The Wave Difficult YES Yes
Horsefeathers More Difficult YES No
Rocking Horse Difficult YES No
Gallop More Difficult YES No
Canter Easy YES No
Mule Train Easy YES No
Shaggy Mane Difficult YES No
Bushwacker More Difficult YES No
Bronco Difficult YES No
The Bull Pen Expert YES No Yes
Glades Run Expert NO No
The Zipper More Difficult YES No
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