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Season Passes


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2015/2016 Alpine Season Passes  Price Until November 1  Price November 2 Onwards
All Access Adult (17-59) $439  $519

All Access Junior/Senior
(6-16 & 60+)

$339  $419
7 Night Pass $139  $189
5 Day, 7 Night Pass $179  $199
5 & Under
$12  $15

2015/2016 Cross Country Season Passes  Price Until November 1  Price November 2 Onwards
All Access Adult (17-59) $199  $259

All Access Junior/Senior
(6-16 & 60+)

$159  $219
Midweek (All Ages) $129  $189
5 & Under
$10  $12

Purchase Your Seasons Pass Now and Take advantage of a great partnership with Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. Find out more here!


Season Passes are Non-Refundable

If a seasons pass is lost or forgotten, the season pass holder will be issued one complimentary lift ticket. If the pass cannot be found before the next visit the Season Pass holder will be required to purchase a regular price lift ticket or replace their Seasons Pass. Should a “forgotten” pass ticket be found on a person other than the rightful owner, the season pass will be revoked and trespassing charges could be issued.

Replacing a lost or stolen membership cost $25 + HST. Full replacement cost if it is lost a second time.

Season Pass Refund & Credit Schedule

December 1, 2015 - Credit Available: 100% | Refund Available: 70%

December 2, 2015 to January 1, 2016 - Credit Available: 70% | Refund Available: 40%

January 2 to February 1, 2016 - Credit Available: 40% | Refund Available: 10%

February 2 to March 1, 2016 - Credit Available: 20% | No Refund Available

March 2 to End of Season - Credit Available: 10% | No Refund Available

Exclusion, Terms and Conditions

Credit/Refund is based on the following:
Medical Certificate
Job relocation

Forms required for request to be considered:
1. An email request for credit/refund must be sent to guestservices@horseshoeresort.com
2. A  dated Medical certificate from the Season Pass holder`s doctor or treating physician.
3. Letter from season passholders HR department for relocation and for military service.

Email submission date and receipt for current season passes determines amount of credit/refund provided.

Exclusions: Weather, travel or snow conditions, act of God, disregard for or violation of Horseshoe Resort`s safety rules or Season Pass terms or use.

Not Applicable: Lift Ticket, Vouchers, Triple Plays or Terrain Park Passes.

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